Micron Nano Water Filter Cartridge - Wa-2! Water

10" PAC2.5 0.2 Micron Nano Cartridge

This product has been discontinued. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. The CTO-PLUS is a great alternative! 

The Argonide 10” PAC2.5 NanoCeram-PAC-AGTM filter cartridge is infused with activated carbon to reduce water odor and taste concerns. With high efficiency, capacity and flow rate combined with reduced premature plugging, the 0.2 Micron Nano Cartridge is best used in particularly difficult situations.

The pleated construction yields high flow rates. These filters are manufactures with strict quality control and all components are created with materials that meet FDA requirements for direct food contact.



- 10” PAC2.5 0.2 Micron Nano Cartridge pleated filter cartridges infused with Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)
- Enhanced with Agion® silver-impregnated zeolite technology
- These filters reduce bacteria, mold and fungus, chlorine and other contaminants
- Manufactured from 100% FDA-compliant materials
- FDA-certified for direct food contact applications (21CFR177.1520)
- NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified for material safety only
- Chlorine Reduction: 2 ppm to less than 1 ppm for > 5,000 gallons (PAC2.5-10 AG) at 1 gpm flow rate
- Testing performed by the Water Quality Association has determined that this product reduces cysts by at least 99.98% at high flow rates
- Silt Density Index (SDI): <1.0 + 0.1
- >99.9% Efficiency at 0.2 microns (latex spheres) 
- >6.5 LRV Bacteria (E. coli) initial retention 
- >5.0 LRV Virus (MS2) initial retention
- <0.01 NTU until Terminal ∆P: 35 psid (2.4 bar)
- Dirt Holding Capacity: 82 g/ft2

The 10" PAC2.5 0.2 micron Nano Cartridge fits into an FS2A head: