WA-2! Water Troubleshooting Tips - Wa-2! Water

Troubleshooting Tips

Our YouTube channel has a constant stream of helpful information - we’ve made it even easier for you to watch these helpful videos! Check below for some helpful videos!

Is your hot water valve not working?

Are you having trouble getting hot water to come out of the red valve on your water cooler? Have a look at this video and solve that issue!

Is your Leak Control System (LCS) beeping?

Are you hearing some beeping coming from your LCS system? This video will provide you with some options to help stop the beeping!

Are you having water cooler temperature issues?

Is your water cooler not producing any hot water? Here are some helpful tips to make sure you’re getting what you need!

Is there no water coming from your water cooler?

Occasionally the water can stop flowing from the valves on your cooler - have a look at this video for an easy fix!