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Activated Carbon and Carbon Block Filters

Carbon Water Filters have been used for centuries to filter impurities from drinking water. Carbon is a very powerful absorbent; one pound (half a kilogram) of carbon contains a surface area of 125 acres (0.5 square kilometers). The material has millions of tiny pores, usually invisible to the eye, and can absorb thousands of water contaminants. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), and Carbon Block are two methods of carbon filtration.

Activated Carbon is a material that has a positive charge, which helps attract even more impurities. Generally, Carbon Block Filters ( or "charcoal water filters" ) have higher contaminant removal capability than GAC filters, and they usually have a higher cost. Activated Carbon and "Block" Filters a usually rated by size of the particles it can remove. Typical ratings are from 50 micron (least effective) to 0.5 micron (most effective). Flow rate through the filter is slower the smaller you go. However, there are some applications where granular carbon is a better fit, such as in removing chloramines (combined chlorine).