Your questions answered: The WA-2! H Series water filter - Wa-2! Water

Your questions answered: The WA-2! H Series water filter

Your questions answered: The WA-2! H Series water filter

Bonus: Step-by-step installation guide and video included!

If you want to avoid the wastefulness of bottled water, but expect optimal quality H2O for drinking and cooking, the WA-2! H Series filtered water unit fits perfectly under your sink and will make sure you and your family don’t have to worry about contaminants or weird tastes. And installation is free!

We sometimes get questions from people who are considering a water filtration unit but want to know more before chatting with one of our specialists. If you’re thinking about it but aren’t certain, see if your question is included below:

Is WA-2! a bottled water company?

Not at all - and we take pride in our green practices. When it comes to water products, WA-2! only sells filtration units and filters that attach to your existing municipal water source. These filters safeguard your water and make it taste better.

Will the H Series water filtration unit actually make my water better?

Yes! From softening ‘hard water’ in Calgary to keeping pipe rust out of Vancouver’s water, filters provide a slew of health and taste benefits. Depending on which filter cartridge you choose (we can make recommendations if you’d like), you’ll experience different levels of filtration.

I rent my home. Is the H Series a permanent fixture?

Because we install a separate faucet through the counter (even granite), you may want to have a word with your landlord or property manager when considering the H Series. However, no fixture is permanent! Should you decide to remove the system when you move out, we can provide an inconspicuous metal cap to cover the hole.

Will I have to look at a big, intrusive unit every day?

Not at all. The system is mounted cleanly under your sink, so all you see is a sleek, modern tap of your choice.

How much space do I need under my sink to accommodate the unit?

You'll need 26" of vertical space, total. Make sure that includes at least 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) under the cartridge so it can be easily removed or replaced. The width will depend on which unit you have. Prior to installation, we’ll make sure there’s enough clearance to open and close the valve, turn and remove the cartridge, and to keep tubing from bending or ‘crimping’.

How much do these things weigh?

Single cartridge systems (based on an Everpure filter) weigh about 7 lbs when filled with water. We always use proper brackets and hardware when mounting the H Series.

Do I have to install the unit myself?

Don’t lift a finger. Our water filtration specialists are trained and experienced with installing the H Series unit in a variety of configurations. We can also show you how to replace the filter cartridge once a year (or we can come back and do it for you - but it’s as easy as changing a lightbulb).

Can you tell me in detail what you’ll be doing to my kitchen?

Sure. Here’s what to expect from us when we install these systems:

  1. Make sure all water-contact parts (fittings, tubing, faucet, etc.) are sanitized.
  2. Mark and set mounting hardware under the sink, using stronger fasteners if we’re attaching the unit to drywall or plaster.
  3. Vertically mount the H Series unit.
  4. Determine the best location for the filtered water faucet and create a discreet hole in the countertop.
  5. Create a connection from the cold water line (using an angle stop valve) to the filter’s inlet port.
  6. Connect tubing from the filter’s outlet port to the filter faucet.
  7. Test the system.
  8. Leave you with detailed instructions on how often to change the filter, how to order new ones, and other helpful maintenance tips.

Can you show me in detail what you’ll be doing to my kitchen?

Watch our demo video here!

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments and we’ll provide the answers! Or order an H Series home water filter system here.

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