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Calgary, let’s not take our water for granted

Calgary, let’s not take our water for granted

Many Canadians take water for granted. While Calgary tap water may not always taste good (a home water filtration system can fix that), we’re lucky to have access to something relatively safe and clean. 663 million people still lack improved drinking water sources.

March 22 is World Water Day. Coordinated by UN agency UN-Water and its partners, World Water Day shines a light on international issues with water safety and access.

As we head into spring - and soon warmer weather - we should think more about how we use our water, and take advantage of the ample resources we have here.

Where does potable water in Calgary come from?

If you live in the north of the city, you’re probably drinking water from the Bow River, via the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant. And if you live in the south of Calgary, your tap is likely providing water from the Elbow River via the Glenmore Reservoir and treatment plant.

Both plants carefully treat and test water before sending it into the municipal system. They constantly monitor the watersheds, especially following a major snowmelt, so they’re always prepared to deal with any additional runoff, sediment or other contaminants. For a digital ‘tour’ of Calgary’s water treatment system, click here.

Calgary’s two water treatment plants “can produce a combined total of 950 megalitres of drinking water per day, enough to fill the Saddledome nearly three times.” It takes a large fraction of this water to hydrate, bathe, and support 1.2 million people!

Why does my water taste/feel weird?

Even though Calgary water treatment plants are advanced and effective facilities, water still needs to travel through a large system to get to your home or office.

It’s no secret that water in Calgary is typically ‘hard’. While it’s generally safe to drink, it can feel strange or leave residue in dishes and cause mineral buildup in appliances. A filter or softener is a good way to eliminate hard water.

How do I waste less water?

While our water might be ‘hard’ without a softener, or taste weird without a filter, we still have access to good drinking water. We shouldn’t take that for granted.

You can waste less water by:

  • Only running the tap when you need to
  • Cutting back on summer sprinkler use
  • Using more efficient fixtures
  • Fixing leaks as soon as you notice them
  • Get more tips from the City of Calgary here
Make sure the drinking water you do use tastes great. Get a WA-2! H Series home water filtration system before spring!

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